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For truly effective supply chain solutions, turn to Neovia. We are a global leader in industrial contract logistics. Grounded in our manufacturing heritage and supported by unmatched operational excellence and a thoroughly process-driven culture, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions to customers across six continents.


There is a difference in logistics solutions and providers. We urge you to look closely at how 3PLs deliver their services – not just at the outset, but year-over-year – and not just in one location, but worldwide. When you understand what highly responsive and innovative solutions look like, you will want to know more about Neovia.

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In the News

Neovia Logistics signs new contract with Honeywell Aerospace in the UK
Neovia Logistics, a global provider of complex supply chain solutions and logistics services primarily serving the automotive, industrial, mining, aerospace and defense industries, today announced the recent signing of a new ten year agreement with Honeywell Aerospace.
Neovia Wins Daimler South Africa Warehouse Services Contract in Johannesburg
Neovia will be providing operations services for Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz South Africa organization in Johannesburg for the next three years.
Neovia Wins Daimler Canada Warehouse Services Contracts in Vancouver and Toronto
Neovia will be providing operations services for Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Canada organization in Toronto and Vancouver for the next three years.

Neovia Logistics Moves Headquarters from Illinois to Dallas Fort Worth
Illinois-based Neovia Logistics Services will be moving its head offices to Irving, Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) by November 2013.

Industry Events

Supply Chain Europe
Improving demand management planning and customer collaboration, moving beyond existing approaches to Continuous Improvement and Lean, harnessing the next generation of technology, among themes at upcoming European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit.
ConExpo unveils the newest equipment, technology and product breakthroughs in construction.
Neovia to speak and exhibit at Automotive Logistics Europe
Carmakers continue to radically reshape their supply chains across greater Europe to reflect both the shift east of production and the prolonged slump in demand for new cars.
LatAm Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy Summit
A conference that highlights growing trade in Latin America, the LatAm Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy Summit brings together experts in regional supply chain and logistics to talk trends, ideas and vision.

Featured Case Studies

Integrated Logistics
For years, a leading supplier of diesel and gas engine used off-the-shelf software to manage inventory planning for all of their aftermarket service parts.
Health Care Products Manufacturer
Globalization of the automotive industry translates into vigorous competition and worldwide market growth, demanding a transformation in supply chain strategy, design and execution. Neovia offers highly collaborative, integrated logistics for the automotive industry.
Medical Device Manufacturer
The client is a leading manufacturer of medical devices and markets its products directly and through distributors to hospitals and medical centers in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Neovia Distribution Services became this client’s partner in 2009, providing distribution and warehousing services through a Neovia-owned and managed 250,000 square-foot facility in Pennsylvania.
Integrated Logistics
Since their establishment in 1971, a global manufacturer of passenger cars and commercial trucks has sold millions of vehicles in North America. At the same time, their aftermarket spare-parts business has grown considerably, while constantly evolving internal and external factors have affected their parts distribution centers’ (PDCs) efficiency.

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