• More than a typical 3PL

Other 3PLs focus on moving goods from point A to point B. Neovia offers more.

The services we offer draw on our expertise and the capabilities we have developed over 30 years as the logistics partner to some of the world’s leading companies in the sectors we serve.

We focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement in supply chain operations, helping our customers enhance their performance and achieve greater outcomes from day one.

Core Services

Service Parts Logistics

Combines the processes and technology needed for the delivery of replacement parts for automobiles, airplanes, technology and industrial machinery. We manage the distribution of service parts to dealers, intermediaries and end-customers timely and reliably.

Finished Goods Distribution

Establishes distribution networks and leverages these platforms to address the specific needs of individual customers. These networks often include forward stocking locations, cross docks, and transportation management to efficiently and effectively fulfill end-user demand.

Inbound Logistics

Provides for scheduled and sequenced delivery of individual manufacturing parts or sub-assemblies direct to their manufacturing point of use. This often requires a near-to-factory consolidation and sequencing facility, along with light sub-assembly operations.

Industry Solutions

In addition to our core services, we offer advanced solutions for inventory optimization, along with technology solutions and software to help our customers handle complex logistics needs.


From design to take-off, keeping up with the performance dynamics of the aerospace industry is an ongoing supply chain challenge. Discover how Neovia brings precision to aerospace supply chains.


From new model launches to service recalls to ever-changing consumer preferences, the automotive supply chain is in a constant state of flux. Learn how Neovia provides stability and reliability.


New product introductions, global sourcing challenges, and consumer whims create complex challenges across the technology supply chain. Find out how Neovia delivers velocity and precision amidst complexity.


In the industrial manufacturing sector, complexity is a given and cost reduction is a priority. Discover Neovia’s proven and scalable solutions.

Differentiators and Advanced Solutions

We serve some of the best-known and most exciting companies in the automotive, aerospace, industrial and technology sectors, bringing our unique approach and supply chain expertise to drive value for your business.

Inventory Optimization Technology Solutions