• Neovia Operating System

We Speak Your Operational Language

The Neovia Operating System (NOS) is our unique and proprietary approach developed and honed over three decades of global logistics experience. NOS provides a consistent customer experience and the structure for operational success, while having the flexibility to align directly to customers’ individual goals and expectations.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

NOS aligns with your operations and ISO 9001 requirements and brings immediate control to every aspect of your business. It establishes globally standardized processes as the foundation for every Neovia facility and employee, ensuring uniform solutions that deliver repeatable and scalable results, enabling us to focus on continuous improvement for industry-leading service levels. Put simply, you can visit any Neovia facility around the world and see our consistent global standard at work.

An Integrated Approach

NOS integrates all elements of the work we do in the facilities we operate, to deliver predictable results and strong outcomes. This means our people, leaders and the physical layout and operation of the facility are working cohesively to drive your business forward.

Unparalleled Focus on KPIs

Metrics and performance are the backbone of NOS. We standardize KPIs globally, focusing on people, quality, velocity and cost (PQVC), using our unique dashboards and proprietary Enterprise Reporting System to provide customized reporting and data access in real-time. We also develop and use KPIs that are tailored to the specific needs and requests of our customers.

Measuring and Monitoring Performance

Neovia goes beyond traditional metrics reporting to monitor more than four-dozen metrics in all of our warehouses, around the world, every day. We consistently measure everything we do using metrics grounded in our OEM heritage and decades of collaborative benchmarking with customers from diverse industries to drive continuous improvement for your business.

Neovia Operating System

The NOS Advantage: Lean Six Sigma -plus

NOS is a Lean Six Sigma quality management system, meaning we systematically remove waste through cooperative efforts and continuous training. While most Lean systems focus on the traditional seven wastes alone, NOS goes one step further. The eighth waste, “Unused Creativity/Capability,” engages employees at all levels in the organization for true commitment from top to bottom.

  • 50 active and embedded certified Black Belts supporting our facilities worldwide
  • 500 trained and embedded green belts – with even more attaining this level at our facilities around the world
  • One hundred percent of our employees are Yellow-Belt trained