• Global footprints.
    Shifting influences.
    Seasonal peaks.

In the industrial manufacturing sector, complexity is a given and cost reduction is a priority.

Managing cost and productivity calls for efficiency at every point in the supply chain.

Our industrial manufacturing customers cover a broad range of businesses, from construction equipment to commercial supplies to medical devices. What they have in common is a highly competitive environment, constantly shifting influences, and production that is often global in scope.

Our tailored solutions range from comprehensive inventory optimization to warehousing, inbound logistics, and transportation management. Across the supply chain, we capture value in key areas, including reductions in logistics costs, inventory, and fixed assets, while targeting ways to boost order fill rate and order accuracy.

Our Services

  • Network Design
  • Warehouse Management and Distribution Services
  • Performance Monitoring and Analytics
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Transportation Modeling
  • Transportation Management

Network Design

Based on your objectives, our experts use state-of-the-art modeling tools to recommend optimal locations for plants, distribution facilities and other logistics hubs. We use our transportation, warehouse and sequencing technology to improve visibility and control of material once your network is in place.

Warehouse Management and Distribution Services

Neovia excels at managing global, multi-echelon warehouse networks. We apply continuous improvement to make warehouses more efficient, productive and safe for you and your employees.

Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Advanced analytics provide a detailed view of your business, enabling you to identify real-world situations impacting your network, such as supply-chain irregularities and vendor performance.

Inventory Optimization

From forecasting and replenishment to deployment and performance analytics, our comprehensive inventory optimization services tightly control your moving parts across the supply chain to ensure that you have the right part in the right place at the right time. Our proven simulation technology helps set the right inventory parameters for your business and provides visibility and planning for every part in a network. We free up manpower and apply continuous improvement principles to optimize overall inventory.

Inbound Logistics

From order and delivery to the production line, we help our partners realize the highest production levels at the best cost. Our services include design and management of dynamic networks through control towers, supplier management, logistics engineering (flow and node planning), simple to complex sub-assembly, kitting, line-side delivery and sequencing. Our expertise in packaging, reverse logistics, and consolidation and deconsolidation centers gives our customers a boost in efficiency and productivity.

Transportation Modeling

Our modeling expertise, analytics and support tools put you in the strongest position to make the best decisions for your business regarding modes, lanes and volumes that reduce freight expense while supporting lead times. You’ll have the confidence of knowing when to use dynamic load planning or static shipping, and how to negotiate the best transportation rates.

Transportation Management

Our non-asset based transportation services give you the choice of using your own carriers or those from our expansive, multimodal network. Our add-on solutions also give you the flexibility to meet your needs. We offer sourcing, cost and performance management, load and route planning, disruption management, freight audits and integrated control tower services.