Neovia opens an automotive spare parts and warehousing facility for Volkswagen
Press Release | 10.30.14

The new 52,000-square-meter operation, which is in close proximity to Volkswagen’s OTC (Genuine Parts and Service Division) site in Kassel, will serve as a pre-packaging and storage facility for genuine aftermarket spare parts, as well as empty container handling.

The new facility, which will be operated by Neovia, is “one of the most complex of the outsourced operations around the Kassel OTC.”

Shortly after delegations toured nearby Neovia facilities in Breda, Netherlands and Rüsselsheim, Germany, where they were able to observe Neovia’s Operating System (NOS) in an operational setting, Volkswagen awarded the project – after a standard RFQ and negotiation process – to Neovia late April.

Utilizing Neovia’s proprietary SureStart process, the takeover and implementation project began mid-May. A portion of the project scope included replacing the entire MHE fleet, installing new packing tables and lockers, installing all new IT equipment and network components, as well as providing safety training in preparation for the go-live.

After a meticulously planned, well-managed transition on-site on August 30th and 31st, Neovia officially launched operations at the new facility on September 1st, without disruption.

“From an overall planning and engineering point-of-view, from delivery to distribution, everything was assembled, in place and fully operational, which contributed to a successful go-live,” said Nathanael Housh, the on-site Logistics Engineer overseeing the launch of the new facility.

As a result of “a seamless transition,” the opening of the new spare parts and warehousing facility in Waldau shall establish a strong foundation for this new relationship between Neovia and Volkswagen.